Tommy Atkins
Big fruits (400-600g) with bulky and smooth peel. On the right maturing point it gets a colour between reddish yellow and shiny red. The pulp is dark yellow with pleasant and sweet flavour. It’s juicy and with few fibres. Available every year.
Fruits between 350 and 680g, oval, yellow but almost covered with red, soft flavour, with few turpentine and few fibre. Available every year.
Big fruit, around 610g, oval with lightly oblique top, yellowish green but rosy red crested, good flavour (19º Brix) and fibre only around seed. November to December.
The fruits have violet peel in its harvest ideal point and get red when mature. The pulp is yellowish, solid, good flavoured (21,6ºBrix), with few or none fibre. The comparison pulp/fruit is of 72%, medium fibre contents and thin peel. November to January.

Boxes: 4,0 kg ( 8.8 lb)
Dimensions (length/width/height):
323 x 251 x 101 mm
12.7 x 9.9 x 4 pol.